Procter & Gamble to use recycled plastic for 230 million laundry products

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Over 230 million laundry products will boast a lower carbon footprint from next year, thanks to a new environmental initiative announced by global consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble yesterday.

Household brands, Ariel, Dash and Lenor, are to be packaged in bottles made of up to 50 per cent recycled plastic, in a move designed to save thousands of tons of plastic waste and curb the products’ carbon emissions. However, precise data on the scale of the environmental savings was not disclosed.

The move is the company’s latest environmental initiative, after it announced it had successfully met two of its sustainability goals more than five years ahead of schedule last year.

Gianna Ciserani, group president of global fabric and home care, said the company is aiming to expand the use of recycling plastic across its operations globally.

“At P&G, when it comes to sustainability, we believe that actions speak louder than words,” Ciserani said. “I’d like to continue this momentum in the future by partnering with organisations that can provide recycled materials globally. This will allow us to increase the amount of recycled plastic in more brands and geographies. When it comes to recycling, everybody has a part to play.”

The company said the initiative will use enough recycled material to stretch from the north to south pole, and will bring it closer to making 100 per cent of its products and packaging from renewable and recycled materials.