We have but one solid goal, to reduce the plastic introduced into our waste stream. To clean up the world is an epic task, a task far too great to do alone. We will continue to raise awareness, spread facts, offer insight, and partner with communities all across the world to accomplish this task.

Our Vision:

To provide a one stop solution to a growing concern for our planet.

In the 2010 documentary “Plastic Planet” filmed a boasting from plastic manufactures that 60,000,000 (million) tons of virgin plastic are in Europe every year, and that makes up near one quarter 1/4 of the total plastic manufactured every year. This scale-tipping 240 million tons of plastic every year figure is devastating. It will be a long hard road to recovering and renewing much of this plastic material instead of watching it go to land fills. However that has not swayed us in our task one bit.

Estimates say 11 million tons of plastic waste are added to the Earths oceans every year. We find this number both too great and too small. 11 million tons of plastic dumped into the oceans is monstrous, and vile. Yet I believe that that number is exaggeratedly small. It is far more likely that more than 11 million tons are dumped into waterways and end up in the Earths oceans every year.

We in the Earth Favors Group are striving to encourage food companies to use bio-packaging. This is a bio-degradable Earth friendly alternative to petroleum products. Just as safe, just as sanitary as regular plastic.

We work with companies to setup a viable logistics program to ensure any community and company will have a collection point near them. In the past recycling centers have required plastics to be sorted according to the type of plastic that they are made of. We however do not need a sorting specific collection.

We work with all petroleum products, and break them down into very small everyday fuel products chains. This way we can effectively lower our fuel consumption and reduce the environmental impact post-consumer plastics have on our planet.

Company Profile:

Earth Favors Group:

Earth Favors Recycling

Earth Favors Renewal

Earth Favors Support

Are subsidiaries of Riddle Adventures, LLC that make up Earth Favors Group

 My name is Vincent Riddle, I have worked in the oil and gas industry for the past 10 years. I have the experience, contacts, and safety record to lead the Earth Favors Group.

 With the single vision of targeting the worlds plastic waste stream, and the guidelines of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. I believe we can find new and better ways of Recycling, use programs and technology to Renew plastics, which will lead to the proper Support our lovely Earth needs.

 We are based in Montana, and have ties in our sister state North Dakota. With the oil boom currently driving much of the economy in North Dakota, we believe we can work together to save much of the plastic waste generated from each well site. This is our foundation and seat.