Whether your business generates large volumes of plastic, or you simply would like to host a collection bin, we will work with you to save our planet.

General recycling collection.

We will work with you and your business to host an Earth Favors Recycling collection bin. By using our service you can know you and your business are helping save our planet with ultra efficient recycling, and helping promote the communities awareness of a collection point in their area. We take unwashed unsorted plastics into our “Plastics only” bins. Tires, buckets, containers, nearly any plastic, vinyl, styrofoam. If you or your business is interested in hosting an Earth Favors Recycling bin please call or email us for pricing and options.

Specific use recycling collection.

If you would like to host a Plastics Only bin at your business, and you would like to have it dedicated only for your business we have options for you. This is a good Earth Friendly practice for many businesses like, dentists, clinics, or hospitals.

Bio-hazard waste would not be able to be collected however so many things in the medical field are plastic for sanitary reasons, but take a large toll in our landfills.

High volume recycling collection.

Industrial plastic waste is a very large concern, and we will work with you and logistics to find a good fitting solution for you to collect and manage your plastic waste.

We are looking for large plastic waste generators, resin casters, and product users. We will take plastic packaging too. Airports, drilling rigs, plastic manufactures, please call today to get you started right away.